Integrated E-commerce Solutions

Providing a smooth e-commerce customer experience is key to growing your retail business internationally.

Our cross-border e-commerce solutions help you improve your international customers’ journey from start to finish, making your webshop a true online retail destination. Here, you can discover how to find and manage your customers, increase your order conversion rate and make order management easy - along with everything you need to know about international delivery.

With our support, you can build trust and loyalty with your customers, improving your e-commerce checkout conversion rate and encouraging repeat custom.

International E-commerce Solutions
Online retailing has never been easier with our e-commerce solutions. If you’re looking to grow your e-commerce or retail business abroad and create an exceptional online customer experience, we can help.

From localised webshops to returns management, you benefit from experts supporting you with customer acquisition and care, transactions, order management and cross-border delivery.
Asendia E-commerce FitCheck
Are you ready for your next step into cross-border e-commerce?

Take a simple e-commerce self-assessment to receive a personalised report about your business and how you can optimise elements of the customer journey to improve conversion, loyalty and sales.

With a little support from our experts, we can help you expand your e-commerce business and grow your international customer base.
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